Poursam Halvah Sugar 30g

Halva is a traditional and popular sweet in many countries, including Iran, Turkey, and Lebanon. It is made from sugar, water, rosewater, honey, and some fragrant ingredients. Halva has a sweet and delicious taste and is high in calories. Due to its high sugar content, consuming too much halva is not suitable for people who are trying to lose weight. However, it can be enjoyed as a tasty dessert or snack in moderation. Additionally, halva contains beneficial plant oils and protein, which can contribute to better health and satiety.

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In this article, we are with you by reviewing Poursam Halvah Sugar 30g and its benefits.

One of the issues that most people think about is the consumption of high-consumption gourmet foods.

Breakfast can be counted as one of the most important meals during the day.

In this food, the food should be consumed that transfers the necessary energy to the person’s body.

Choosing the best foods can determine the amount of energy you have throughout the day.

Poursam Halvah Sugar 30g can be a very suitable meal for you to consume in the morning.

The main ingredient of this product is first grade sesame with high nutritional value.

Sesame alone has very high benefits, which this article tries to cover in a general way.

It can be said that Poursam is one of the leading brands in the field of useful and tasty foods.

Benefits of Poursam Halvah Sugar 30g

Buying sugary halvah and Ardeh halvah and consuming them because they have high mineral properties can be effective in providing the necessary energy for the body. Among the other properties of Poursam Halvah Sugar 30g, the following can be mentioned:

Treatment and improvement of constipation:

One of the useful properties of Halvashakari and Hawa Ardeh is to stimulate the stomach; In such a way that people suffering from constipation and hemorrhoids can treat and reduce the process of their disease by consuming this two nutrients.

Treatment of infectious disease:

Poursam Halvah Sugar 30g have an effective role in the prevention of infectious diseases such as flu, colds, etc. because they are rich in omega unsaturated fatty acids. It is interesting to know that people who are suffering from general lethargy caused by colds and flu can restore their body’s necessary energy by consuming these two nutrients.

Improvement and control of diabetes:

One of the other benefits of Poursam Halvah Sugar 30g is diabetes control.

It is necessary to know that the presence of sesame flour in the nutrients of Halvashakari and Halva Arde has caused them to play an effective role in the prevention of diabetes and its control in the body.

Sesame flour is rich in fiber and this type of mineral plays a significant role in this field.

Sugar halva and Arde halva contain many salts, some of which can play a useful role as a kind of supplement in reducing blood sugar.

Of course, it should be noted that people suffering from diabetes should consume organic and natural halvahashkari and arde halvah that do not contain industrial sweeteners. It is also necessary to consult with your respective doctor to consume these two nutrients.

Hair growth and protection supplement:

Poursam Halvah Sugar 30g can protect hair. The omegas in halva-ardeh and halva-ashkri have been effective in maintaining hair health and increasing its growth. Also, by consuming sugary halva and arde halva, the hair is nourished by the salts of each of these nutritious substances and their hair loss, which is caused by the lack of minerals, is reduced.

Improvement and treatment of liver and kidney disorders:

Those suffering from liver and kidney disorders can improve and cure them by consuming halva-ardeh and halva-shukari.

Also, if a balanced amount of these two nutrients is consumed, it can be beneficial for people suffering from fatty liver.

So, in this case, Poursam Halvah Sugar 30g can be used to treat liver and kidney disorders.

Sugar halva ingredients

The basis of production of Halva Arde is an oily pasty product obtained by grinding peeled and roasted sesame seeds.

Arde is sesame without skin, soft and pounded, mixed with its own cream or light yellow oil, which is used to make halwa.

Buckwheat contains 24.7% protein and 58.9% fat.


The raw materials used for sugar halva consist of sugar, white sesame, glucose, vanillin, cardamom essence, citric acid, saponaria plant extract and edible nuts such as pistachios and walnuts.

Production Process

The production process of Poursam Halvah Sugar 30g is also like this.

First, sesame seeds are soaked in pools of water, then peeling is done with a machine, and the excess water of the sesame seeds is removed with a centrifuge.

Then the sesame kernels are transferred to the machine for drying and roasting.

After this step, it is time to cool the sesame seeds. After going through these steps, the sesame seeds are again sieved and other impurities are separated from it by the Bujari device.

After sifting, the sesame is ground, and the ground sesame is called Arde.

Another step in the preparation of sugary halva is heating the sugar, which is done in a baking machine.

The obtained product is called sugar bar.

The load of sugar plus the flour obtained from the previous step is mixed with a certain volume and then it is packed.

In some types of halva, cocoa powder or nuts are used for enrichment and flavoring.

Cocoa-flavored sugar halva, at the stage of mixing arde and sugar syrup, cocoa powder and cocoa essence are added to the desired arde, then sugar syrup is mixed with it, and arde halva with cocoa flavor is obtained.

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