Benefits of sugar halva

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The properties of sugar halva and its benefits

Sesame is one of the oil seeds that, contrary to its small appearance, has many properties. Sesame and its products are considered wholesome and nourishing food, which have a special place in traditional medicine because of their warm nature and many properties.

Sugar halva is one of the products of this valuable substance, which is made from the combination of sugar and sesame flour. This delicious and useful food is one of the useful food sources that should have a fixed place in our diet.

The taste of sugary halva is such that it is mostly welcomed by children and it can replace useless and harmful snacks like puffs and chips as one of the useful foods in the daily diet.

What is the difference between sugary halvah and Ardeh halvah?

These two foods, which are considered sesame flour products, have many common properties because the base of both is made of sesame flour.

The only difference between these two nutritious foods is in the sweetening ingredients. Natural sweeteners such as juices are used in Arde halva, but sugar is used to sweeten sugary halva.

In any case, the properties of arde are preserved in both foods and it is an excellent suggestion to be included in the diet of people who have a thin and weak body, such as children or adults who have general weakness.

Nutritional value of Halva Arde

The main ingredient of halva is sesame flour.

Sesame is one of the very useful sources for absorbing iron, zinc and calcium. Halva Arde also contains ingredients and vitamins found in sesame. It is like oleic acid.

The ingredients of Ardeh Halva include Ardeh, sugar, Chubak root extract, citric acid, egg white and aromatic ingredients including cardamom, vanilla, etc. Sugar and Ardeh are the two main components of Halva Ardeh and they make up about 50% of its formula.

How to make sugar halva

Be sure to sift a glass of powdered milk, with a glass of powdered sugar or powdered sugar, it will not become sugar and it has a perfect sweetness, so do not reduce it and be sure to sift it, mix it with powdered milk, then add half a glass a little more flour to it. and mix it with a spoon and then mix it well with your hands, the dough is cut.

Cover the bottom and walls of the desired mold with cellophane or a freezer bag. Pour pistachio slices, pistachio kernels, or sesame seeds on the bottom of the mold. Flatten and put the pistachio slices again and put the cellophane on the surface of the halva and put the mold in the freezer for six to seven hours.

Halva Ardeh is a special type of Ardeh, a very nutritious food, which is mostly consumed in the form of breakfast.

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