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peanut butter

Peanut butter is one of the popular and popular products around the world, which is famous as one of the popular snacks in many countries.

This main product is produced in the United States of America and is also known as one of the sources of income for countries such as Argentina, Brazil, China and India.

Peanut butter is made from the seeds removed from the Arachis hypogea plant. This plant grows in tropical regions and is native to South America.

Peanut butter is known as one of the sources of protein and energy for humans. This product contains useful fats, protein, vitamins and minerals that are very useful for the health of the body.

In the continuation of this article from Pursam store, some of the properties and benefits of using peanut butter will be discussed:

Peanut butterBenefits of consuming peanut butter

·       Heart protection:

This product contains unsaturated fats that help maintain heart health. These unsaturated fats help protect the heart against cardiovascular diseases.

·       Prevention of diabetes:

Consuming this delicious food as a source of protein and fiber can help control blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

·       Brain health support:

Peanut butter contains vitamin E, which helps maintain brain health. Vitamin E plays an important role in preventing brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other diseases related to aging.

·       Protection of skin health:

Peanut butter contains natural oils that help protect skin health. Peanut butter oil can effectively resist skin d ryness and premature aging.

·       Weight gain and bone health:

Peanut butter contains protein and calcium, which can be used as one of the sources for weight gain and bone health.

Protein is used as one of the main nutrients for the structure of muscles and human body tissues, and calcium also helps to maintain bone health.

·       Cancer prevention:

Some research has shown that consuming peanut butter can help prevent some cancers such as breast cancer. This benefit is due to the natural antioxidants in peanut butter.

·       Energy boost:

Peanut butter contains a lot of energy that can be used as one of the energy sources for the body. Consuming peanut butter as one of the quick and energetic snacks can help to increase concentration power and perform daily tasks.

Peanut butterPeanut butter consumption for obese people

Peanut butter can be useful as one of the healthy sources of nutrition for people who are obese because it contains healthy fats, protein and fiber.

However, it is better to use it in a reasonable amount and use it in the framework of a healthy and balanced diet

The fats in peanut butter are mostly unsaturated (unsaturated) fats, which help maintain heart health and lower blood cholesterol.

However, like any other source of fat, consuming too much of it can lead to weight gain. Also, peanut butter contains a lot of calories, so it should be consumed in moderation.

Weight Loss

The best way to use peanut butter for weight loss is to consume it along with other items such as fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods as a snack or as an additive in cooked foods.

Also, it is better to combine peanut butter with the right amount of fiber so that it has satiety and satiety properties and makes people feel fuller.

In any case, people who plan to lose weight by consuming peanut butter should consult their doctor.

Peanut butter consumption for children

Peanut butter can be useful as one of the healthy nutritional sources for children because it contains protein, fiber, and unstructured (unsaturated) fats.

But for children, it is better to consume it in a reasonable amount and use it as one of the foods between meals or as one of the additives in cooked foods.

Peanut butter is not recommended for children under 5 years of age due to the risk of choking. Also, some children may be allergic to peanuts and should avoid peanut butter.


Overall, consuming peanut butter for children can be a healthy option to meet their nutritional needs, but it is best to consult your doctor to determine the right diet for your child.

Peanut butterWays to distinguish original and fake peanut butter

It can be challenging to tell real peanut butter from fake, but there are some ways that can help you spot it. Below are some ways to distinguish original peanut butter from fake:

·       Label review:

Checking the product label can help you distinguish between genuine and fake peanut butter.

In some cases, manufacturers may use different ingredients instead of peanut butter, but this information must be listed on the product label.

Therefore, checking the product label and reading the product ingredient list can help you distinguish real peanut butter from fake.

·       Allergy test:

Some people can tell if the product is genuine or not by doing a peanut butter allergy test. In this test, a small amount of the original or fake product is tested on the skin of the tested people and signs of sensitivity such as itching, redness of the skin and other allergic symptoms are checked.

·       Chemical tests:

Chemical tests can help you distinguish between genuine and fake peanut butter.

Some chemical tests can distinguish different substances that are present in real and fake peanut butter.

For example, it may be helpful to detect volatile oils in peanut butter by chemical tests.

·       Using authentic products:

Using products that are purchased from reputable and well-known manufacturers can help you distinguish between genuine and fake peanut butter.

In some cases, counterfeit manufacturers may market their products under the name of authentic manufacturers, so using products purchased from reputable manufacturers can reduce the risk of buying counterfeit products and help you identify genuine peanut butter.

For this reason, we suggest you to buy from the reliable and famous Porsam store.

·       Note the price:

The price of the product can also be useful in distinguishing original peanut butter from fake.

In some cases, counterfeit products may be offered at a lower price to attract buyers.

Therefore, paying attention to the price of the product and comparing it with the price of the original similar products can help you distinguish original peanut butter from fake.

In general, distinguishing genuine peanut butter from fake can be challenging, but by following the above methods, you can protect yourself from buying fake products.

Also, it is better to always buy from reputable stores and manufacturers to reduce the risk of buying counterfeit products and use original and higher quality products.

final word

Finally, consuming peanut butter can be useful as one of the healthy and delicious snacks for many people.

However, it is better to consume it in a reasonable amount and in the context of a healthy and balanced diet. Also, for people with allergies, it is better to consult their doctor about the use of peanut butter.

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